Bold State

Vamp's Latest Fashion shoot. Wave the cold winter months goodbye with block colours and bold stripes. Inspiring looks for a journey into the next season.

Dress, €210, Twinset,
available from Mexx.
Shirt, €60.
Jumpsuit, €70. 
available from
Monsoon. Sunglasses,
€19. Trainers, €59.
from Aldo.
€49.99, Greystone.
Chinos, €39.99,
available from Noos.
Dress, €235,
Essentiel Antwerp,
available from Mexx.
Espadrilles, €49, Aldo.
Reversible jacket, €545.
Top, €185. Trousers,
€230. All available from
Shirt, €29.99,
Broadway. Chinos,
€39.99, Broadway.
Scarf, €12.99, Vilanova.
Sunglasses, €15.99,
Vilanova. All available
from Noos. Sandals,
€45, Aldo.
Dress, €129.90,
Calvin Klein Jeans.
Bralette, €38, Calvin
Klein Jeans. Sandals,
€35, Aldo.