Versace’s exclusive tour

Blogger, Marina Majoie and photographer, Justin Ciappara went on an exclusive tour into Versace’s...

Blogger, Marina Majoie and photographer, Justin Ciappara went on an exclusive tour into Versace’s latest Fall/Winter 2018 collection. From the runway to the showroom get a close-up of the esteemed Italian design houses’ latest looks. Justin talks to us about this unforgettable collaboration…

How did you get this fantastic opportunity to shoot not only the latest Versace show but also their showroom?

I got the opportunity thanks to the fashion blogger Marina Majoie (@marina_majoie). Like previous years, she was invited to the Versace Fashion Show in Milan and this year I got the opportunity to collaborate with her during the fashion show and also the showroom.

What’s it like standing amongst all those photographers in the media pit trying to capture the perfect runway shot?

It felt like it was my first ever fashion show! But after a couple of minutes, I settled down, found my place and made sure everything was ready. As soon as the show started, the atmosphere felt great especially after seeing that I captured some good shots!

How did you prepare for your trip to Milan Fashion Week?

Since I was invited, I had a luxury trip planned for me, from a Club Class flight to a 5-star hotel! I just made sure I had all the camera equipment needed for the fashion show, showroom and for the occasional photoshoot with Marina Majoie.

What sort of research did you have to do before shooting the runway looks?

For this particular show, we had the chance to meet with the General Manager of Versace who explained what the fashion show is about and what kind of message Versace is giving… to tell stories of women, that one is different from the other, but all are strong, brave, sexy and safe!

Do you decide beforehand which shows you wish to attend? And how to you go about obtaining a pass?

You have to see which shows you’re interested in and contact the persons in charge to ask what is needed in order to obtain a pass.

What’s the best part about shooting such high-profile shows?

The best part about shooting such high-profile shows is gaining experience, meeting well known photographers and famous fashion bloggers. This makes me want to continue to pursue my passion for Fashion Photography.

Quick facts:

1. Current playlist: Encore

2. Dream Camera for 2018: Just bought another camera but the Nikon D850 is still on my list

3. Top travel destination: Japan

4. Favourite drink: Rum & Coke

5. Magazines: Vogue, National Geographic and Stuff Magazine

6. Favourite time to shoot: Early Morning

7. Your Muse: Traveling