Tough Times Make You Stronger | Dil-Mara

“When it rains it pours and you should dance in the rain and get through it,” which is what Miriam Christine did and proves that tough times make you stronger.

Photography : Rio Warner Borg
Styling : Sarto
Hair : Castillo Hair
Make Up – Gia Marie Waits

After taking some time away from the local music industry, singer/songwriter Miriam Christine is back with the release of her fourth studio album, ‘Dil-Mara’, her first in 14 years. 

The album is a manifestation of personal experiences and is presented in Maltese, bringing together four of the most important elements for Miriam: the voice, the piano, the composition and the poetry.

The singer/songwriter is entirely responsible for the music of each respective song, whilst also playing a major role in penning the lyrics, collaborating with lyricists Emil Calleja Bayliss, Joe Julian Farrugia and Rita Pace. Maestro Maurizio Campo – an Italian musician who works closely with several major artists in Italy, as well as the internationally renowned, Sanremo Festival – did the music production.

This album is a reflection of the wish that Miriam Christine, and several others in the arts, that aims to preserve our language at a time where the same aforementioned language is encountering several obstacles on a daily basis. Accompanying the launch of the album, there’s also the release of the brand new single ‘Mill-Għatba ‘l Ġew’, together with a music video entirely shot in another locality in Malta, Birgu.

The album tells the journey that led Miriam Christine to becoming the woman that she has become today – a journey that was filled to the brim with a little bit of everything; moments full of love, unexpected success, and a hug when this singer thought that the world had ended. It was also a difficult journey, with moments of sadness, and thoughts of giving up; where the view was that life was full of bitterness. But then, this journey got Miriam to find courage. 

Today Miriam knows exactly why she had to go through this journey and she’s thankful for everything she has lived through. Only one thing shines through… love. Miriam’s wish is that through music, and her story, she can be an inspiration to the people who pass through difficult moments in order for them not to give up.

Present for the launch of the album, was Honourable Dr. Owen Bonnici, Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government, who in his remarks said that “Miriam Christine is giving us a taste of her own story and opens the door on her own genuine feelings which we all share some time or another. She lends her amazing voice to the Maltese language and the result is… wow! It’s an album about love, motherhood, family and looking forward in life!”

Get your hands on a copy of the album, ‘Dil-Mara’ online from iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Apple Music or Spotify. It is also available at leading music outlets – D’Amato Recors, Exotique and Olympus Music. For more information, visit

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