Malta’s Next Comedian

Malta’s Favourite Upcoming Comedian Makes Stand Up History 

On a cold evening at the start of the Festive season, the Vamp team found themselves warming up with laughter at the largest stand-up comedy show by a local comedian.  

With over 700 people laughing harmoniously at Malta’s extremely funny and entertaining man of the hour; Kevin Naudi.  

Kevin Naudi

This was, in fact, the second show we attended where the very same comedian had a large group of people gasping for air between his jokes.  

However, this time it was to a much larger crowd in one of the grandest halls Malta has to offer, which seemed fitting for the occasion.  

Kevin Naudi rightly named the show, No Limits since this would be his largest audience for both the comedian and the local stand up comedy scene.  

The name for the show came around as Kevin would explain later throughout the performance since he never thought that cracking jokes could be shared on such a high level.  

All he knew was that he always took pleasure in making people laugh, whether it was with his wife, family or friends.  

Now he found himself in front of 700 people, some faces which were familiar and some which were new laughs in the audience. 

Looking around us, we could see couples exchange looks between one another in the agreement or at times embarrassment as Kevin laughed on with the crowd in between sketches.  

As Mr Naudi manoeuvred around the stage at the Mediterranean Conference Centre he recites common daily situations which you cannot help but relate to. He depicts situations which we all encounter on a daily basis like arguing with your four-year-old child or even with your significant other. 

Kevin seems to be edging a new space in the Maltese scene of entertainment which has caught on very swiftly. It’s his quick wit and amusing gestures on stage which put the crowd at ease, making them feel that they are not alone in everyday incidents which are only logical through laughter.  

As one of the firsts, if not the first, Kevin has gathered Maltese anecdotes we all know and love and cleverly put them up on stage. He also dabbles in wisecracks about parenting, marriage and everything in between. 

We often purchase tickets to watch a foreign comedian who is visiting Malta on tour but watching someone Maltese take the same leap is quite exciting.  

To watch Kevin Naudi take on the stand-up comedy scene in Malta, on a new journey which is still unexplored is intriguing, to say the least, and is definitely one to watch.  

The Vamp team looks forward to the next show!