Empowered Beauty!

Nicola Powell and Daria Suldina, have come together to bridge the gap.

In a world where external beauty and inner self-confidence often seem worlds apart, two dynamic women, Nicola Powell and Daria Suldina, have come together to bridge the gap. As co-founders and co-hosts of the ‘Empowered Beauty’ podcast and YouTube channel, they blend the realms of makeup artistry and life coaching to empower women through a unique and powerful concept. Nicola, a professional makeup artist with 25 years of experience, and Daria, a qualified life and business coach with a rich academic background, have created a platform that combines external beauty with internal self-confidence, acceptance, and love.

The birth of ‘Empowered Beauty’ was not just the result of chance but a serendipitous meeting of two remarkable women with a shared vision. In her quest to turn her dreams into reality, Nicola crossed paths with Daria, who quickly recognised the potential in their partnership. Their combined expertise and shared passion for YouTube and podcasting made the collaboration an obvious choice. Vamp editor Dayna caught up with the duo to find out more.

What is Empowered beauty?

Empowered beauty is a concept and brand created by us. We joined our female forces to empower women through external beauty coupled with internal self-confidence, acceptance and love.

 What inspired the two of you to combine your expertise in makeup artistry and life coaching for a YouTube channel and podcast?

I was searching for someone, like a life coach, to help me put all my dreams and ideas into reality and by chance, Daria and I met. We connected quite quickly, and one day, Daria approached me with the idea of joining our strengths and expertise, and that’s how Empowered Beauty came to be. I wanted to do a YouTube and Podcast channel for some time, and our ideas and concepts worked so well together. It just became a no-brainer. (Nicola) 

Nicola was one of my first clients, and I saw her desire to have a YouTube and podcast channel to share her expertise in makeup. I was looking for a platform where I could reach even more women to promote such important topics as female leadership and empowerment. We were destined to meet each other and join forces to realise our dreams and create positive social change. (Daria) 

Can you share some examples of how makeup and self-confidence are interconnected in your work?

The synergy between us has been incredible from the very beginning. Even though we come from different backgrounds, ages, and lifestyles, we understand and complement each other perfectly. We love fashion, makeup, and aesthetics, but at the same time, we are ambitious, goal-oriented and driven by the desire to impact the community positively. Our project reflects our life visions, personalities, dreams and aspirations. 

What content can our viewers and listeners expect from your channel and podcast?

Empowered beauty is a concept of not just addressing women’s issues but also providing tangible solutions and combining our vast years of expertise in makeup and coaching. The project promotes a healthy lifestyle, a growth mindset, a positive female role model, etiquette, and trends in fashion, beauty and makeup. You will find quite a wide range of topics. But with the idea that these themes excite us and most women.

We also regularly invite special guests to our podcasts that we admire. We’ve been lucky to invite guests from various backgrounds, such as music, fashion, art industries, top-ranking businesswomen, successful athletes, influencers and TV personalities, radio hosts, activists, and mission-driven personalities.

 How do you manage to strike a balance between makeup/beauty topics and life coaching discussions in your content?

We don’t constrain our creativity by ensuring an equal balance. It works organically. We are in sync on many of our ideas when we come up with them, together or individually. Our interests are very similar, and we spend a lot of time together, so we always brainstorm.

Could you share a memorable success story in which your combined expertise positively impacted someone’s life?

It is challenging to pick up a specific story, but the positive feedback has been fantastic. And it encourages us to keep progressing and propels us to do more. 

Also, our project duo (besides the episodes’ content on its own) is very inspirational in the way that it highlights that women can be a ‘powerhouse’ while maintaining their feminine, elegant and creative nature. 

What advice do you have for individuals looking to enhance their self-confidence through makeup and personal development?

I believe that the first step is accepting yourself, flaws and all, and also learning to show love to yourself. A simple beauty routine day and night is a form of self-care, which is self-love. Wearing a touch of makeup boosts your self-esteem. I firmly believe that, generally, looking good will help you feel good. And I’m not saying you have to go full-on glam, but just enough to make you smile at yourself when you get a glance of your reflection instead of ‘Oh my god, I look a state ‘. (Nicola).

The best advice that worked for me is to improve the relationship with yourself first – recognise, accept and appreciate who you are and every step of your journey. Discover your strengths, talents, and passions and find a mission worth waking up for every morning. Make everything possible to help people around to achieve their dreams. And when becoming confident and booming, don’t underestimate the importance and power of kindness, positivity and humanity. (Daria) 

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