The lake house

Interior Designer Igor Sirotov achieves a luxuriously intimate and cosy look using just black and white


Ukrainian Architect and Interior Designer Igor Sirotov is known to use simplicity in creating contemporary style environments. With our lives becoming so complicated and crowded by daily activities, a simple home design proves to be the most satisfying and restful.

This very simple but very elegant luxurious black and white interior juxtaposes marble, raw concrete, timber and steel to achieve a modern and minimalist composition.


Concrete is the dominating element and plays a very important part in the black and white design. Combined with the right materials and casted properly in a precise way that ensures no need for further finishing, it has become the leading contributor to the beauty of this home. Further, its neutrality accentuates the attributes of the materials, causing them to stand out.

Probably the crowning glory of the house is the exquisite marble bathroom wall.


Here, two different colours are always placed side by side to create contrast and to help them emphasise one another. This subtly allows the composition to vibrate and to become dynamic, despite the limited colour range, which isn’t noticeable at first; only when observing the details.


Probably the crowning glory of the house is the exquisite marble bathroom wall. The designer’s choice of covering this specific part of the house with the interesting texture was due to its ability to be seen from any part of the house. As a result, it’s a very strong and powerful part of the design, to which everything else is concentrated around. Just like the rest of the black and white design, it’s somewhat elusive and not noticed immediately. All the same, it greatly affects the perception of the room.


With its ageless design, this elegant house would be fitting for almost any type of lifestyle and – probably the most important aspect – it will never go out of fashion; black and white are always going to define a contemporary modern style.