Middle Eastern Zest

The Chefs at The Corinthia Palace share some appetising, Middle Eastern inspired recipes for you to try this summer that will have your guests coming back for more. The ingredients lists alone are cause for some serious mouth-watering action! Cool down the spice with some sweet and refreshing desserts.

Skordalia with Brassicas & Haricot Vert
Skordalia with Brassicas & Haricot Vert


200gr potatoes, peeled

75gr almonds

10gr garlic, confit in olive oil

100ml good quality olive oil

40ml Chardonnay vinegar

80gr Greek yoghurt



Broccoli florets

Sprouting broccoli florets

Haricot vert



Blanch potatoes in boiling salted water. When cooked, drain and place in a warm oven for 15 minutes to dry off excess moisture. In a food processor, blend the almonds, garlic, vinegar and a splash of water – this needs to be a fine paste. Mash potatoes, and in a food processor place the potato mix and the olive oil, puree. Transfer to a bowl and add the almond mixture, Greek yoghurt & adjust seasoning to taste. If the mix is very stiff gently add some warm water to get the desired consistency – a stiff mayonnaise.

Spread evenly over the bottom of a plate and top with the blanched vegetables. Drizzle with some olive oil and serve.

Photography by Justin Ciappara

Props from Loft, Naxxar

Styling by VAMP Team


The Corinthia Palace

Food by Matthew Agius, Sous Chef.
Dessert by Mark McBride, Head Pâtissier.