Milk, Yoghurt

& White Chocolate Mousse Infused with Aniseed


150ml milk
50g greek yoghurt
100ml cream (whipped to a soft peak)
275g white chocolate
10ml anisette (such as Sambuca or Ouzo)
2 gelatine leaves (soaked in cold water)

How they did it:

Heat the milk and Greek yoghurt, and then squeeze out the excess water from the gelatine leaves and add to the milk. Stir until dissolved and pass through a sieve. Pour the mixture onto the chocolate and stir until all the solids have dissolved and the mixture is emulsified.

Allow the mixture to lose some heat. When it reaches approximately 30 degrees, add the anisette, and with a soft folding motion, incorporate the whipped cream.

Pour into the desired mould and allow to set overnight. (For this image, they used an egg shaped mould.)

When set, spray with fine white chocolate (alternatively it can be dipped into melted chocolate and cocoa butter – a 50/50 mix). The temperature of the chocolate must not exceed 45/50 degrees, and the mousse needs to be frozen.

Note this task is delicate and requires some patience!

Method for Dry Milk Skin

Boil half a litre of milk and turn off the flame. Allow to rest for five minutes and carefully remove the skin that forms on the surface. Place onto a silicon mat or baking waxed baking paper and repeat until you have three strands per serving.

Place the tray in a low set oven to dehydrate, and remove once crisp. The temperature needs to be low so that there is no colouring/browning of the skin.

Method for White Chocolate and Milk Powder

Add 25 grams of glucose to the left-over milk. Reheat and froth. Skim the foam and dehydrate in the oven overnight.

Crumb the dry foam and add 35 grams of white chocolate to form powder.