Time to Nwar!

Stephanie Borg is a leading artist and surface pattern designer based in Malta. Her inspiration comes from the love for her home island, Malta – the nation of colour vibes and patterns seen all around the island from wrought iron to tile patterns, charming doors to iconic Luzzu boats and the all the vivid cultural activities.

Her passion for heritage preservation was the key trigger in setting fashionable trends for tile patterns, door and wrought iron designs. Today, after a journey of 11 years of hard her work, Stephanie brought back the focus on the beauty of Malta’s heritage through her art and products. This has resulted into a trend that has caught the eye of young artists and designers who are now inspired by her efforts and work and following the lead on the trend!

“My own state of being always plays an important role in my choice of colour, medium and form. This awareness helps me keep redefining myself ~ casting off the old me in search of the new. That is why I don’t like labelling my work, I find that limiting. Experiences, influences and thinking affect the working process of an artist, and these can bring unpredictable and exciting changes.”

Stephanie Borg® has so far created over 420 products from 8 vibrant collections, which are enjoyed in beautiful homes, offices and luxury boutique hotels around the world. Available from her charming Studio Boutique in Rabat and from her online shop with worldwide delivery with a number of authorized retailers in Malta & Gozo. For licencing projects and international retailing please contact orders@stephanieborg.com.

What does Nwar Mean?

Nwar means blossom in Maltese, the sprouting of the flower into the fruit. Blossoms, sprouts and flowers are often depicted on local cement tiles and found intertwined on beautiful wrought iron work as seen on traditional Maltese façades. The visual strength of the bold graphics in a purposely mixed hue of blue contrast sharply against the sparkling white background bringing to life your table and home set-up.

The Nwar Collection is an interplay of patterns and curved lines offering a fashionable feast for your home through a variety of decorative and useful items. Be inspired to create a different table set-up each time with the mix and match of designs hand-painted on the dinner plates available in four different sizes. The same plates can be styled as wall art and décor.

What does Nwar collection consist of?

The bold collection consists of tableware and homeware items such as the iconic hand-painted vases which can be enjoyed as floral bouquet vases but also as wine bottle chillers and kitchen utencil holders too.

The 6 piece dinner set comprises of different plate sizes each with 3 different design for that perfect, versatile table set-up. A large rectangular tray purposely designed for fine food meze, or simply use as a daily centre piece – 3 designs to choose from. The collection is complimented with the tea and espresso cups and saucers in 3 different designs, accompanied by the 100% linen table runner for added visual impact. A soap dispenser, finished off with a brushed gold pump adds charm to any kitchen sink or bathroom being in a humble abode or a hotel, restaurant or office.  

Where did the inspiration for this collection came from?

Nwar is the fruit of my continuous hard work which is driven by my passion for the preservation of our local heritage that truly shapes our colour and identity. An intertwining of my know how and research of the Maltese tile pattern designs and the wrought iron designs has resulted into the creation of the Nwar curves. This inspiration from both subjects has sparked the birth of Nwar, blue blossom.

What’s your favourite item from the collection?

I personally have to say that I do not have one favourite piece as I see the Nwar Collection holistically. I love how all the pieces compliment each other and how versatile the pattern designs are. The purpose is for any Nwar Collection owner to be able to be bold and personalize his/her own table set up by having the option of mix and matching the designs from the 3 available patterns per piece.

Therefore each bought set is unique in its own way aligned with its owner’s tastes and creativity. Apart from tableware, the Nwar plates can also be used to create a charming wallart, hence the creativity does not stop on the dining table!

Why are you launching now?

The Nwar Blue Blossom project has been on the development board for some months now and although it was very challenging to invest time and funds on a new collection and managing all the obstacles this generated during the pandemic, I felt that Nwar actually will give that ray of sunshine to everyone of us that are longing for those Summer nights with our families surrounding the dinner table, enjoying Maltese food and good company in style. The pandemic has made us all realize how priceless these social events with people that matter truly are. It gives me joy to see people enjoying this spirit surrounded by the beauty of Nwar where food is enjoyed and relationships flourish like blossoms. Cheers to the future and the fine things in life!

Where can we find Nwar?

The collection is currently available online with worldwide delivery options – coming soon to a selected few authorized retailers in Malta & Gozo this Summer.

Organizing an event for your special occassion? Be bold and rent Nwar!

Create the most bold and beautiful Nwar table setting for your wedding or special event by renting out the Nwar Collection. Contact us for a quote based on the number of pieces and days. Get the table setting* styled by Stephanie Borg and experience the bold Nwar effect. Floral Bouquets for the Nwar vases can be organised and arranged. Add a Nwar-themed place holder for your guests and impress them with a designed even invitation by the artist. Get in touch for more information on how we can make this happen.

*The composition by the artist is only referring to the Nwar Items and does not include the napkins, lighting, cutlery and other decorations.